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Acknowledgements & Credits

This website is made possible by UMass Lowell Space Science Lab and Lowell Global Ionospheric Radio Observatory (GIRO) Data Center (LGDC) data sharing infrastructure. Without the data providers' investments in infrastructure, research and time the ionospheric data on this site would not exist. I am grateful to Lowell and the data providers for their generous data sharing policy. I am not affiliated with GIRO.

Site Usage

Data on this site is intended for non-commerical use for the amateur radio community. I am not the owner of any ionospheric data and before sharing or reusing you absolutely must read and follow GIRO's Rules of the Road.

About This Site

This site runs on Amazon Web Service EC2 Free Tier on a Linux t2.micro instance with 1 GiB RAM & 1 CPU. All software is open-source and python language is used for programming. Web server is Apache, all pages are static HTML generated from a primitive templating system.

To get data I pass station codes to GIRO's web service and process the results as a csv file with pandas read_csv.

Query GIRO for ionosphere characteristics: http://giro.uml.edu/didbase/scaled.php

Example URL request for my local station in Idaho: http://lgdc.uml.edu/common/DIDBGetValues?ursiCode=IF843&charName=MUFD&DMUF=3000

Time series plots on station pages are made with matplotlib, maps with matplotlib's basemap extension. Sun altitude is calculated with pysolar. Time series plots and tables on region pages (USA, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia) are made with pygal. HTML on Stations page is rendered with pandas to_html module. I like the data bars for displaying MUF(D) and conditional formatting of Last Update in red when data older than 1 hr.

About Me

I'm an amateur radio and ionosphere science enthusiast who uses a radio in beacon mode to function as an ionosphere probe. I created this site because I couldn't find any ionosphere data visualizations online that were accurate, that displayed data in a time series, or that gave attribution to the data providers.

See where my radio is being spotted on the Reverse Beacon Network http://www.reversebeacon.net/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=0&t=dx&c=AF7TI